La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana


History of the brand La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana is a little-known jewel among the Habanos, whose history goes back to a time when efforts to achieve Cuba's national independence were concentrated. Founded in 1885, its name alone explains its origins and concerns. For over a hundred years it has had a small but loyal following among the most knowledgeable smokers.

The brand is characterised by its elegant presentation, especially in the Medaille d'Or series.

Character of La Gloria Cubana cigar

chmack resembles Partagas, but is less earthy and less strong. In addition there is a combination of sweet floral and fruity aromas. The blends of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region are medium-strong and offer balanced nuances in taste and aroma. All cigars are 'totalmente a mano, tripa larga' - completely handmade long fillers.


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La Gloria Cubana Medal d'Or No. 4 Density fruity sweetness with the same aftertaste. Strength 2 of 5.

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