punch_braun.jpgHistory of the Punch brand


Punch is one of the oldest Habanos brands. Don Manuel Lopez of Juan Valle & Co. founded this brand in the middle of the 19th century with a view to the profitable British market. At that time, a satirical magazine of the same name celebrated great success there.

A satisfied Mr. Punch, the clown who represented the magazine, can still be seen with a cigar in his hand on every box. His portrait is surrounded by images of 19th century cigar making, which have remained virtually unchanged for a century and a half.

In 1925, Punch moved to the factory where Hoyo de Monterrey was made, establishing a collaboration that continues to this day.


Character of the Punch Cigar

The trademarks of the Punch are pleasant and pronounced woody notes, a fine sweetness and a medium tobacco taste in beautiful balance. The blends of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo are not very tannic. The Punch is available in a large number of different formats. All formats are 'totalmente a mano, tripa larga' - completely handmade long fillers.


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Characteristic, intensense, complex taste. Strength 2 of 5.



14.20 *

Punch Coronations Tubo pleasantly woody notes, mild tobacco taste and full aroma. Strength 2 of 5.

7.10 *

Not available at the moment.

Punch Double Corona remarkable wooden notes combined with a strong tobacco taste. Strength 4 of 5. 

18.60 *

Not deliverable at the moment.

Punch Petit Coronations Tubo a pleasantly mild taste, typical punch style. Strength 2 of 5.

6.40 *

Not available at the moment.

Punch Punch fine and mild tobacco taste - the classic of this cigar manufactory. Strength 3 of 5.

12.30 *

Not available at the moment.

Punch Punch Tubo creamy and fruity ripe wine notes. Strength 2 of 5. The Punch Punch Tubo a classic.

13.30 *

Not available at the moment.

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