Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza



History of the brand
Sancho Panza


As with other major Havana brands such as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, the name Sancho Panza was taken from a masterpiece of world literature.

It was the smart farmhand Sancho Panza who faithfully served the knight Don Quixote in the 17th century novel of the same name by Miquel de Cervantes.

His name was first used in 1848 as a name for a Habano and has since enjoyed an excellent reputation among experienced connoisseurs.

Today the offer includes a representative of the largest Habanos format available: a 235 mm long Gran Corona, which bears the simple name "Sancho".


Character of the Sancho Panza cigar

They resemble the Cohiba, but have their own, more pronounced "grassy" aroma next to clean wood notes. In addition, there is a slight salty taste not found in other brands. With their medium-strong blends of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, all formats are 'totalmente a mano, tripa larga' - completely handmade long fillers.

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Sancho Panza Belicosos grassy and mild wood aromas , very  light salty taste. Strength 2 of 5.

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