Havana Cigars Cigar Classification

Havana Cigars Cigar Classification

Havana Cigars


Cuba Cigars Overview

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Cohiba Linea 1492


San Christobal


Hoyo de Monterrey


San Luis Rey


Vegas Robaina




H. Upmann


Rafael Gonzalez






Romeo y Julieta


El Rey del Mundo




Ramon Allones






Por Larrañaga






Juan Lopez


La Gloria Cubana


José L. Piedra


Sancho Panza


La Flor de Cano



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Cigars are considered a status symbol. Smoking a cigar is elaborately celebrated and enjoyed to the full. To ensure that the pleasure is as good as possible, one should choose a high-quality cigar. Cuban cigars stand out among all other cigars. They differ in taste and intensity depending on the region of origin.

Cigars from Havana and the rest of Cuba offer a large and varied selection for every enthusiast. You too can enjoy a mild cigar or a strong example of our Havana cigars. You can get a Cuban cigar from Habanos cigars in selected quality.

Cigar from Havana - a pleasure with style

Tobacco has been smoked in South American countries for many thousands of years. In the 18th century, the first Europeans also acquired a taste for it in the American colonies. Plantations were quickly established and their own cigars were produced. At the beginning of the 20th century, the cigarette of the cigar may have lost its status as the tobacco of choice, but in its role as a status symbol it could not do any harm. Smoking Havana cigars stands for a special attitude to life. A Cuban cigar in one hand, a glass of fine whisky in the other - for many connoisseurs, this is the epitome of enjoyment par excellence. Cigars from Havana are therefore an integral part of our society.

Cigars from the best cultivation

In Cuba, the conditions for growing tobacco are ideal. This is the reason why a cigar from Havana is so popular. Whether a mild cigar or a cigar with more strength, Cuba has something to offer for every taste. Many cigar brands were already founded at the beginning of the 19th century and over the centuries have been able to acquire a wealth of knowledge about the production of cigars. The particularity of the soil as well as the special climate contribute to the very special taste and the selected quality of the cigars from Havana. A Cuban cigar is characterized by perfect tobacco, which has been processed in the best possible way.

Cigars - from mild to strong

In our online shop you can get Cuban cigars in different strengths. Depending on how you like your personal smoking pleasure most, you can choose a mild cigar, a medium strength or a strong variety. Light varieties are for example the Hoyo de Monterrey or the Fonseca. Romeo y Julieta, Trinidad or La Gloria Cubana belong to the medium-strong cigars. Especially strong are the Havana cigars from Vegueros, Bolivar, San Luis Rey and Partagas. Those who like it especially light, reach for cigars from the Montecristo Open line. This is especially recommended for beginners.

Flavors for every taste

Every cigar from Havana has its own unique aroma. For example, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 is characterized by a fine, mild peppery and earthy aroma. The Fonseca Cosacos has a mild tobacco flavour with subtle sweet and herbal notes. The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2, on the other hand, has an impressive wood note with a sweetness typical of this cigar. If you like floral, herbal aromas and honey-sweet notes, you should go for Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas. Or how about the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill with spicy aromas of walnut and cedar wood and pleasant toasted notes? With more than 200 cigars from Havana, our online shop is guaranteed to have something for every taste.

Cuban cigar - a special treat

Choose from - mild cigar, strong cigar, cigar with herbal notes or with an aromatic sweetness. In our online shop you have the choice. If you need help with the selection, we will be happy to advise you. Call us at +49 711 / 618290 or write an e-mail to info@habanos-zigarren.com.









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Trinidad Short - finally a thick mini is available from Trinidad, a delight for aficionados.

14.80 *

Terms of delivery: ca. 2 days

Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros a spicy cigar with creamy, nutty notes. Strength 3 from 5.

2.90 *

H. Upmann Magnum 54 a fine and elegant "Short Smoke", the widest H. Upmann ever. Strength 2 of 5.

13.70 *

Not available at the moment.

H. Upmann Half Corona a great variety of aromas for this small cigar, pleasent and mild, even for beginners. Strength 3 of 5.



5.30 *

Not available at the moment.

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211 - 214 of 214 results