History of the Cohiba brand


After the revolution in 1959, many cigar makers left Cuba, which did not exactly benefit the tobacco industry. Fidel Castro's decision to have only one cigar brand - El Siboney - produced from then on proved to be a project that went wrong. So Zino Davidoff was called into the country as a consultant, who recommended to think about venerable brands like Partagas, Bolivar or Montecristo. Nevertheless, there was to be a cigar that would do justice to the national pride of the young republic - the Cohiba idea was born. It was to be the best cigar factory has ever left.

In 1966, only three formats - Corona Especiales, Lanceros and Panetelas - were produced in the then secret, now world-famous "El Laguito" cigar factory.
The Lanceros became Castro's favourite cigar. Beside the own consumption by the Cuban leadership the Cohibas were intended exclusively as gifts for state guests and diplomats.

Only in 1982 the Cohiba was presented on the international market.



Character of the Cohiba brand


Two of the inlay leaf types, Seco and Ligero, are additionally fermented a third time in barrels, which helps the cigars to develop an extraordinarily gentle and rounded variety of aromas.

There are three different Líneas (lines) of Cohiba cigars: the strong to medium-strong Línea Clasica, created between 1966 and 1989; the medium-strong Línea 1492, launched in 1992 on the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery; and the Línea Maduro, available since 2007.

The Línea Maduro is characterised by particularly dark wrappers. The bracts, selected and fermented, are left to mature for at least five years in tercios (tobacco bales wrapped in leaves of the king palm), which gives them an extremely complex aroma.

All Cohiba formats are 'totalmente a mano, tripa larga' - completely handmade long fillers.

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The Cohiba Robusto: Roasted aroma with honey sweetness, combined with wooden hints, very gentle taste. Strength 4 of 5.

23.60 *

Not available at the moment.

Cohiba Piramide Extra oily leaf and a very full-bodied creamy taste with roast notes. Strength 4 of 5.

38.40 *

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Cohiba Coronas Especiales herbal, floral aroma with strong tobacco notes. Strength 4 of 5.

23.80 *

unfortunately not deliverable at the moment

Cohiba Esplendidos strong roasted aromas, creamy sweetness, excellent balance. Strength 4 of 5. Cohiba Esplendidos is the queen of cigars.

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Cohiba Exquisito's strong tobacco taste with a strong "grassy" note. Strength 4 of 5.

15.00 *

Currently not available.

Cohiba Lanceros herbal and floral notes combined with strong tobacco notes. Strength 4 of 5.

29.00 *

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Cohiba Panetelas aromatic and a little sweetness with explicit roast hints. Strength 4 of 5.

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Cohiba Maduro Genios dense full aromatic spice with cocoa and wood notes. Strength 4 of 5.

32.60 *

not deliverable at the moment.

Cohiba Maduro Magicos spicy wood notes combine with light sweetness and full body. Strength 4 of 5.

29.00 *

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Cohiba Maduro Secretos strong spice with nutty, woody aromas and light coffee notes. Strength 4 of 5.

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