History of the Guantanamera brand

Guantanamera is the title of a famous song written and distributed by the Cuban Joseito Fernandez in 1928. The song achieved international success in the 60's, representing Cuba worldwide.



Character of the Guantanamera cigar

 Guantanamera was launched on the international market as the Habanos brand in 2002. The cigars are made from the tobacco of the Vuelta Arriba region, the second most important tobacco growing region in Cuba. All formats are produced mechanically in a modern, recently established factory in Havana 'mecanizado'.  

All cigars of this brand are easily available in taste and at a reasonable price. Strictly speaking it is the cheapest brand of all Habanos.

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Guantanamera Cristales mild creamy tobacco taste with earthy aromas of wood and pepper. Strength 2 of 5.

2.35 *

Terms of delivery: ca. 2 days

Guantanamera Decimos mild and creamy with a slightly nutty taste and peppery notes. Strength 2 of 5.

1.70 *

Terms of delivery: ca. 2 days

Guantanamera Minutos earthy and nutty taste with tart slight woody notes. Strength 3 of 5.

1.45 *

Terms of delivery: ca. 2 days

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