Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina



History of the brand
Vegas Robaina

The Robaina family has been growing tobacco continuously since 1845 in Cuchillas de Barbacoa, in the San Luis area of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region. But it was not until 1997 that the "Vegas Robaina" brand was introduced.

The family patriarch Don Alejandro Robaina, who celebrated his eightieth birthday in 1995, adorns every cigar box of this brand. The number 1845 on the cigar's belly band refers to the first year of production of good wrappers.


Character of the Vegas Robaina cigar


The Vegas Robaina are more reminiscent of the Havannas of traditional style in terms of strength and aroma development. They are very strong and the blend also has a slightly salty note. Very fresh cigars are very tannic.

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Vegas Robaina Famosos with mild aromas of wood and flowers, as well as fine notes of coffee and earth. Strength 3 of 5.

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Vegas Robaina Unicos a spicy, earthy sweetness, always accompanied by a light roasted aroma. A powerful cigar. Strength 3 of 5. 

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